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The biggest challenge of this project will be the creation and transportation of the glass sculptures. Glass is a fragile material and great care must be taken in its creation as well as in the packing and shipping of the work.

Fertility Flowers

The biggest challenge of this project will be the creation and transportation of the glass sculptures. Glass is a fragile material and great care must be taken in its creation as well as in the packing and shipping of the work.

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Lim Yaling

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Campaign Story

The first component involves the creation of a glass and scent sculptural diorama featuring the Dama de Noche flower.  I want to explore its myth in Philippine culture where a queen is ignored and poorly treated as a result of not being able to produce an heir and is then turned into this flower, which produces one of the strongest and distinct smells that we know today. You may be familiar with it – the night blooming jasmine.

The second component is similar to the first ! It will be a glass diorama as well except it will feature the Peacock flower. With this part, I want to explore the narrative of how this flower was used by American Indians as an abortive drug in order not to produce more children born into slavery.

With these two components I see two crossing themes- the question of the fertility of both these women holding them both back in different ways. I believe there is room for conceptual and visual exploration in this tension.

I also see how both stories orient the viewer to the cultural origin of these flowers, which to me is a unique way to bring these otherwise hidden stories to light.

Which brings me to my third component – I want to create a video piece that explores the narrative of both flowers and the cross themes between them that deal with colonization and the repression of the role of woman as child bearer.

For the video piece, I have teamed up with a cast of talented individuals in the Philippines and the US. Currently, the footage is being edited and with your help I will be able to cover post production fees for the film!  Our film team is composed of film director and writer Apa Agbayani , Tony Battung ( producer), Sasha Palomares (director of photography) , Slo Lopez  hair and makeup) , Bianca Francisco (colorist) and Michelle Sui (composer) .

The end goal of this project is to raise awareness on the issues surrounding the appropriation and use of flowers and plants from developing countries, the issues of fertility and reproductive health for women and the oppressive history of the myths of the two flowers featured in this project.

I hope you can help me see this piece come to life. I have already started production but through your help, I can explore the possibilities in the studio and have the adequate amount of time needed to make this work great.

Here are some pictures of the work in progress!

a peacock flower study rendered in glass
peacock flower sculpture in progress in the studio
dama de noche flower sculpture in progress in the studio
test shots from the video piece shot in the Philippines last December 2019
Thats me at work!
It all starts with the creation of several small components
and little by little I piece them together
flame working a dama de noche flower

It has been a number of years since I’ve been able to receive a grant in order to realize the full potential of my work. I otherwise have funded myself through patrons, but mostly through working part time as a sales associate and through my online store – goldieland studio.

I have funded the initial stages of production through my own savings and income. I am also lucky to have some of the material costs covered by the gallery but in order  for me to fully realize this project’s potential I will need your help.

Hopefully, you or anyone you know would be willing to join me on this journey!

Here are some of the rewards you can get…

one set of 4 goldieland stickers
A handmade ring – I have been developing this product for a year and you will have first access!
Simone Shot Glass from the Barbae Collection
Set of 6, yes 6, Shot Glasses
A Studio Visit – a glimpse behind the scenes!




The Simone shotglass, rendered in clear glass with hints of flesh and nudes, is inspired by Simone de Beauvoir.

May, 2020

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Shots are best done with a friend!

The Barbae Collection of shot glasses comes in not just clear but in various colors and special edition opaque glass colors that are highly pigmented, and beautiful. With this amount, you will receive a reward of one pair of shotglasses, where you can select one of each color you prefer.

You can visit for more information on these colors.

You will also be receiving the 2 postcards and the set of 4 stickers within your package.

April, 2020

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Regular Barbae glasses are shot glass sized but this one, is twice the size! They are not yet available yet in my online store but this reward lets you have one.

You can have this made in the Simone or Anais style.

June, 2020

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